Supermodern websites - with bainry you will never miss a job

Supermodern websites - with bainry you will never miss a job

Nowadays, anyone who runs a business and doesn't have a website is as if he doesn't even exist. If you have a business, you surely know what we are talking about. But it's not a website like a website. Forget templates and outdated methods of website development, which by their very nature no longer meet today's demands. New generation websites will elevate your business to a completely different level. And what is the magic?

Real-time websites as a comprehensive solution

If you want to provide your clients with the best service even on your website, forget about solutions such as classic editorial systems or a php framework. Whether you own an e-shop and want to be sure that your customer will always have accurate information about how many requested products are in stock, or you are a hotel or other accommodation facility and your priority is a satisfied client who receives the right information at the right moment about whether he can stay with you and not go to a competitor in the meantime, you will never achieve this without a website built on real-time technologies.
This is exactly the main argument for choosing a new generation website over an outdated type of website. Simply put, whatever changes are made to the website, on your (administrator) or client side, sophisticated software will ensure that this change is immediately propagated to everyone viewing the website. So the information will always be completely up-to-date, which will be appreciated not only by sellers of products or services, but also by information and news websites. It may happen that some news will be updated, for example there will be a twist in the investigation or maybe the editor will accidentally make some grammatical error and it will be really important for him to fix everything quickly and above all to show it correctly to everyone, this is also one of the main advantages supermodern websites.

The price comes first

Are you excited by the idea of ​​an app that seems to be ahead of its time, but are you afraid of how much it will cost? Yes, new-generation websites built on real-time technologies are logically more complex and time-consuming to develop, but they do not always have to be a price-extreme solution. For example, bainry, with its 12+ years of experience, builds websites on these technologies at affordable prices, and in addition, thanks to such solutions, you can still save a lot of money in the end. It will not happen to you that you would lose a customer who, for example, when one of your products appears to be sold out, would switch to a competitor at a time when you are just replenishing your stock.


Real-time websites: Improved user experience and up-to-date information


Websockets: The revolution in web communication and the potential to replace REST


One of the main advantages of the new super-modern websites, e-shops and applications that we develop is the ability of the server to initiate communication with the client in real time.


SERP is an abbreviation for "Search Engine Results Page", which means "page of search results". 


The future of the Internet based on decentralization and blockchain technology.

Supermodern websites - with Bainry you will never miss a job

Supermodern websites - with Bainry you will never miss a job